The quickest way to see if 5Spice is right for you is to read this page, then download the program and go.

Before you download, we recommend taking a quick look at the Registration page to see how the license works.

After installing, look at the LINKS page for easy download of manufacturers’ Spice models, plus notes on problems with certain models

Also links to other Spice related web sites, including an excellent book on Spice modeling of SMPS.

If you have questions about using 5Spice, check out the FAQ page.


analog circuit design depends on spice software










analog circuit design depends on spice software

5Spice Analysis Software

Easy to use analog circuit simulation for
the professional circuit designer

5Spice provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analyses, and integrated graphing of simulation results. Plus easy inclusion of Spice/PSpice® models from a user expandable library. The focus is on analog circuit analysis and design at the component level. Student level MOSFET IC design is also supported but not compatible with HSpice® model libraries.

5Spice has the analysis capabilities needed by experienced circuit designers while remaining easy to use. Choose the standard 2.0 level or new 5Spice Professional for more power and more features.

5Spice uses desktop simulation and local storage to insure the security of your proprietary design. An Internet connection is not required.

5Spice 2.51 now available

Announcing 5Spice Professional



  • most Spice concepts are represented visually in the schematic
  • define, name and save unlimited numbers of analyses, each with a corresponding graph
  • indexed library of Spice models and subcircuits
    easily add manufacturer's files of models and subcircuits or your own. accepts standard Spice subcircuit syntax plus almost complete compatibility with PSpice® subcircuit syntax as used by Analog Devices, Linear Technology, Maxim and TI. Not compatible with PSpice digital models.
  • when linking a model to a schematic symbol, the searchable selection list shows only library models that match the symbol.

  • subcircuit schematic symbols auto-adjust number of pins
    the opamp and generic subcircuit schematic symbols adjust the number of pins to match the number of nodes in the user selected subcircuit. users can enter names for the pins which are then saved in the library.
  • temperature or component values can be swept and results plotted in a single graph. an included op-amp model allows op-amp GBW to be swept.
  • Switch Mode power supplies - special setting for fastest simulation.
  • behavioral modeling
    schematic symbol with user defined equation (equation may contain math functions, IF-THEN-ELSE structures, etc.)
  • time-accurate switching of controlled switches and digital logic devices
  • use a wizard to set Spice simulation defaults to match your circuit
  • support for analysis of alternative designs
  • much of Spice's traditional quirkiness is hidden from the user
  • program's Help tells how to perform tasks, written by a Spice user
  • a notes section in the schematic and one in each analysis allows users to document their work

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Features when you register the program


  • larger schematic sizes (standard A,B,C drawing sizes). the single drawing size in the unregistered program is about half of A size.
  • program licensed for use in business and government. the unregistered program allows this use only for a 30 day evaluation period.
  • remove promotional text in schematic found in unregistered program, add user's company information to title box.
  • view results of
    Noise, AC and DC Sensitivity analysis, FFT
    and large signal harmonic Distortion analysis (Fourier Transform  based)
  • pass parameter values from schematic symbol to its subcircuit
  • save schematics containing
    transformer with saturating core, device parameter TestPoint, logic gates
  • export tabular data from graph/table to file for import into another program

  5Spice Professional adds

  • multi-page schematic
  • user defined parameters to set static and swept component values
  • plot simulation data as it is created
  • modify and plot simulation data with user defined equations
  • X-Y graphing
  • tool to make schematic into Spice subcircuit
  • “archive” option to save Spice models in the Project file


    5Spice depends on feedback from its users for bug detection and product improvement ideas. And to pass the word. Watch the site for updated versions. Program written by an electrical engineer - see Design Consulting page.


Copyright © 2016  Richard P. Andresen

Note: PSpice is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc.


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