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Comments about 5Spice from registered users

  • "thanks for your diligence in producing great engineering software." L.L.
  • "Found 5spice and I love it. Without reading the first word of the  instructions, within 1/2 to 1 hour I was simulating and plotting. You have written something really useful and I thank you for your efforts." D.B., an experienced user of netlist input Spice
  • "I like your 5spice software! I picked it up to model interconnect wiring for 400MHz DDR SDRAMs. Although the product isn't aimed at this space, it did a superb job. I was able to complete several useful simulations within 2-3 hours after downloading the  product." Reinhard S.
  • " I just started using my registered 5Spice and would like to say how pleased I am to have found this. As a former PSpice user, I have not been able to justify keeping up with the Orcad offerings." William C.
  • "I just finished installing and running a simple simulation and a fairly complex analog filter. Great job a real nice piece of software. More examples would be helpful." George Martin
  • "As a registered user, I'd first like to say that I'm pleased with the program and think that it is well worth its price." Guy K., experienced Spice user
  • "P.S. I’ve found 5Spice to be a great product. I really enjoy working with it." Charles Gilmore
  • "5SpiceAnalysis and WinSpice have been terrific tools for me. They have exceeded my  wildest expectations." James R.
  • "There lots of "Bang for the buck" in your Spice tool... Thanks" Rod D.
  • "first of all, I would say that I'm enjoying with 5Spice, it's amazing! It's simple to use and powerful, a very great thing !!!" Stefano C.
  • You have a terrific product, and your support gives it the professional  sense of confidence that is becoming a rare commodity these days. Thank you! David H.
  • "With your program I imported a model (op amp) from Analog Devices and had it in a simulation in 15 seconds. I could not do this in Cadence PSpice version 10 (and I tried) in a whole day!" B. Labitt
  • “I purchased 5spice this morning (Reg attached for proof). What a fantastic package. Easy to use, doesn't spit the dummy with errors, it's fast, it's exceptionally easy to learn (I did a simulation 30 minutes after I installed it) and best of all you can use spice models without any issues” E. Misoyannis
  • “I’ve perused numerous Spice simulators over the years and I keep coming back to yours.  It’s a fine piece of work and I’m so grateful that you do it.” S. Schupbach
  • "I must say this is the best spice program I’ve ever used and I’ve been doing circuit analysis since the early 1960’s." J. Gersbach

 other users

  • "I am impressed with the care that has gone into setting the program up and the instructions provided. You have done a great job with this program..."  C Dobbie
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