Rev List

Summary of major changes and bug fixes

5Spice Analysis version 2.70
    • Major Change - allow user to enter their Registration and Install codes
         on another computer, or after re-installing Windows, without needing to
         obtain a Transfer code from Andresen Software.

      changed how 5Spice stores its registration key to reduce false-positive
           detections from anti-virus programs.
      instructions to use Analog Device models from an installation of LTSpice.
      clarify use of the Initial Condition option in the controlled switch part.
      added VDMOS MOSFET model to WinSpice, allow 5Spice to recognize the model.
      file ArmCheck.dll is replaced by ArmCheckLite.dll.
      fix error when Model Selection dialog closes if user has entered a value for a
           passed parameter of a subcircuit.
      fix graph's XY readout shows an extra data point between the two cursors
           if left cursor is at the first data point in the data series.
      fix error calculating average and RMS value between the two graph cursors.
           error is maximum when the two datapoints on each side of the left
           cursor differ significantly in value and there are few datapoints
           between the cursors. no error if left cursor is fully to the left.
      fix CT Transformer part's centertap "gain" is wrong when using the mutual
           inductance model. result off by factor of 2 to 4.
      fix when printing graph: XY readout can cover right axis scale numbers.
           depends on monitor aspect ratio and size of 5Spice window on the screen.
      fix when printing graph: vertical axis titles can overlap axis scale numbers.
      fix 5Spice not deleting user defined pin names from the Library when user asks.
      fix WinSpice crashing on second Transient simulation when multiple DDT or SDT
            functions are present in a subcircuit or in a 5Spice non-linear Source.

      with individually licensed computers in a local network,
         option to allow one computer to use the 5Spice Library found on another
          computer in the network. See program Help to implement, search "library".
5Spice Analysis version 2.63
    • 5Spice
        allow PSpice PWR, PWRS and LOG10 functions in subcircuit .PARAM lines.
        fix occasional schematic draw failure when loading multi-page schematic.
        graph popup menu's "Show in separate Window" entry not working. fixed.
        use larger toolbar icons when Windows is set to scale the screen to 150%.
        fix some truncated text items when Windows is set to scale the screen to 150%.
        fix PSpice Table function not recognizing entries with minus sign.
5Spice Analysis version 2.62
    user can specify operating temperature for individual diodes, transistors
       and JFETs.
    Distortion analysis:
       faster graph drawing when graph has huge number of data points.
       allow Precision simulation convergence option.
    fix 2.60/2.61 bug that prevents Transfer codes from working.
    selection list for power MOSFETs: restore missing caution about possible
       model matches.
5Spice Analysis version 2.61
      new 5 terminal schematic symbol for power MOSFET models with two
         thermal modeling pins/nodes. works with silicon and SiC models.
      more support for syntax used in SiC MOSFET models.
         more model files work without needing to modify them.
      DC analysis graph: color the lines that connect the data point symbols.
      text and images in programs running in Win10 can appear blurry. fixed.
      when 5Spice detected a possible SiC MOSFET, it would prevent any error
         found in the model from showing in the model selection list. fixed.
      PSpice logical NOT operator (~) translated incorrectly. fixed.
      handle IsSpice syntax that uses multiple IF clauses. was detected as error.
      handle LTSpice syntax that accepts VALUE syntax in F,H sources.
      branch current references to E,G,B sources in subcircuit fail. fixed.
         forever bug in Spice3 code fails to rename the reference when
         source is in a subcircuit.
      WinSpice user manual: restored missing images.
5Spice Analysis version 2.60
      PSpice DDT,SDT functions now supported in 5Spice and WinSpice.
      5Spice supported PSpice Table syntax with a limit of 20 table values.
         now supported with no limit, simulates faster.
      5Spice now supports subcircuits using PSpice's .FUNC syntax
         (defines a custom math function)
      SiC MOSFET model support. With support for the DDT function and
         .FUNC syntax, program users can now use the SiC subcircuits
         available as of mid 2016.
        Cree SiC subcircuits need a few syntax fixes - see the website
           LINKS page.
        SiC MOSFETs and other devices described solely with
          behavioral modeling:
            3 terminal subckts containing no 3 terminal semiconductors and
            3 or more behavioral modeling statements, now appear
            in 5Spice's selection lists for BJT and power MOSFET
            schematic symbols.
          The user is warned that 5Spice cannot identify the device type.
      5Spice's key protection now operates through an external dll file,
      The 5Spice.exe file is now digitally signed.
      Hopefully these changes will reduce the occasional nuisance
        detection by anti-virus programs.
      2.50 introduced some too large text sizes when running under
         Windows 7. more fixed.
      dual monitors: if the program was displaying in the second monitor,
        then 5Spice was closed and the second monitor was disconnected,
        5Spice would startup off screen unless the second monitor was
        re-connected.  Fix: detect and force on-screen startup.
      a simulation engine error during DC Bias could cause 5Spice to
        report an error for itself. fixed.
      5Spice's box that shows the WinSpice simulation errors left out
        the first line, rarely there is important information on this line.
        now shows it.
      missing .Ends in DiodeInc model files: The kludge used to detect this
        missed some in newer files. An undetected missing .Ends statement
        makes that subcircuit and others following invisible in 5Spice
        selection lists (not to mention it won't simulate on any simulator).
        improved kludge.
      When translating E,G VALUE syntax, 5Spice would remove the trailing
        "f" in the number 2.34f    f means femto (1e-15). forever bug. fixed.
      AC, DC Sensitivity: DCgain and GBW of an opamp are shown with a
        leading letter. fixed.
      AC Sensitivity only: all capacitors return 0 for sensitivity.
        bug since v2.05.
      Diode model RS parameter - add tempco parameters TRS1,TRS2
      logic gate bug fixes
        XOR:      fix logic equation
        Oneshot:  DC Bias doesn't converge if CLK input is high and
          Reset input is low.
        DivideByN : similar DC convergence issue as Oneshot.
                         fix not initializing to state 0.
      logic gates, SW and CSW switches: fix rare math overflow when
        input voltage changes less than 1e-200 but greater than 0
        between time steps.
5Spice Analysis version 2.51
    2.50 introduced some too large text sizes when running under
       Windows 7. fixed.
    PSpice subcircuit syntax: PWR(X,Y), PWRS(X,Y) functions
       5Spice translation of these functions had bug when exponent Y had
       more than one term.  simulation would give incorrect values.
       example: TDK varistor models.
5Spice Analysis version 2.50
    The program uses a new compiler that does not support Windows XP.
    refresh the program's appearance for Windows 10.
       drawing speed
          new selective drawing results in large speed up for graphs with
          massive amounts of data. the entire simulation speeds up
          graph plots that use dotted lines and have large amounts of
            overlapping data
          points may appear different in 2.50. If the graph is expanded to
            see the waveform clearly, they look the same as before.
          a plot using a solid line appears the same as in earlier versions.
       drawing after simulation failure
          graph was not redrawn with latest data if simulation error
          occurred. fixed.

    Linear OpAmp  add new parameters to schematic symbol:
        input offset voltage and current, input bias current,
        a second pole in high frequency response.
    allow If-Then syntax in user defined parameters and in .Param lines in
        .Subckts created with the subcircuit creation tool.
    add auto-numbering to schematic Net Links and Xport Links

    Open Demo Schematic - open file dialogs track last opened location
        but for this case, change to always open to the Demo
        Schematic folder.
    make Xport Links part button visible in an ordinary
        (non-subckt) schematic

    Bug Fixes
    Subckt Creation Tool 
       1. If one user defined parameter referenced another, the
           corresponding .Param line in the created .Subckt file would
           cause WinSpice to report an error.
        2. numbers written as 1,23 were not being converted to
           Spice's required 1.23 format in both user defined parameters
           and the subckt's passed parameters.

    a schematic part that links to a Spice model/subcircuit would cause
       simulation not to start if it was not linked to anything AND not
       connected to the circuit. no error message appeared.
    a parameter TestPoint linked to a deleted comp or to nothing
       caused simulation crash.
    a TestPoint connected to floating circuitry (has no ground connection)
       sometimes caused the data returned by WinSpice to be out of
       sequence with 5Spice. graph/table results would be for the
       wrong node in the circuit.
    a valid parameter TestPoint in a graph plot equation caused an
       error msg.
    deleting page from schematic did not set the project's modified flag.
    DC analysis with Table and no plots active: Table has no TestPoint
       data. 5Spice 1.0 showed data for all TestPoints in this case.
       fixed now in 2.0.
    DiodesInc model files
       in addition to the subckt's missing their .Ends lines, as is typical of
       many DiodeInc files, some files now include invalid lines such as
       "[BZT52C12LP]" which Spice sees as part of the subckt due to the
       missing .Ends line.
       caused error in WinSpice and serious error in 5Spice. fixed.
    Error when loading a second project after loading a different one.
       after user closes error box, schematic redraws correctly and
       everything works.   happened when:
          second project had fewer schematic pages than the first.
          second project's main schematic had a SignalSource in the upper
             left corner.
          first project's selected analysis was further down the analyses list
             than the end of the second project's analyses list.

    WinSpice  new version 5.03.7
      don't write simulation data to file unless user chooses.
         gives slight speed up.
5Spice Analysis version 2.31
    File Open/Save dialogs were not opening to the previously used
       path/folder. now opens to the most recently used path.
    sweep of a user defined parameter value wasn't changing value of
       other user parameters that depend on swept parameter. fixed.
5Spice Analysis version 2.30
    parameter TestPoint
       error if schematic contains a parameter TestPoint and AC analysis
           is run but the TestPoint is not selected for a graph plot. Fixed.
       feature: enable these TestPoints to be used for graph plots in AC
           analysis. previously worked only in DC Bias, DC and Transient.
    new Precision convergence Option for Transient and FFT analysis.
          tightens Spice's RELTOL for greater simulation accuracy.
          See Help.
    TestPoints with two digits ("TP17") causes range check error in v2.25.
          restore bug fix used in 2.20 and 2.10.
    User could enter a space at beginning of component's RefNum when
          editing comp. caused "unresolved model or device reference"
          error.  Fixed.
    User trying to transfer 5Spice registration in v2.25 did not see button
          to enter transfer code. Fixed.
    WinSpice 5.3.6  fixes bug where BJT model's Area factor of ".1"
         rather than "0.1" would give "unresolved model or device
         reference" error.
  • ================
5Spice Analysis version 2.25
    - NonLinear Source bug introduced in v2.20
           fix bugs when formula uses part's X,Y inputs or variables TEMP,
              TIME, FREQ
    - Library rebuild
          detect .Models in Library that are PSpice encrypted.
              (.subckts were already detected)
          show PSpice encrypted subckts in model selection lists (bug fix)
          ignore files with ".DSN" extension
    - 5Spice would crash if Windows was shutting down and user said to
          not save 5Spice changes.
    - use new compiler
5Spice Analysis version 2.20
    a parameter whose expression used a second parameter caused
        an error when simulation was starting. fixed.
    allow user to enter parameters in the NonLinear Source formula.
    speed up Library rebuild.
    5Spice Transfer code
        add patch for occasional "corrupt 5Spice.cf5 file" error.
    Transformer with Core
        auto-calculate of secondary Ls could fail to occur. fixed.

    Tool that makes schematic into .subckt  (Professional edition feature)
        add option to select whether a Signal Source is included in the
          .subckt, makes testing the subcircuit schematic much easier.
        add option to evaluate all schematic parameters to fixed numbers
          when .subckt is created. allows using parameters in the schematic
          but the .subckt can be used with Spice programs that do not
          support parameter syntax.
        the subcircuit schematic's Internal Parameters are now defined and
          stored as the Project's User Defined Parameters.
        parameters were not working in .subckts created with the tool. fixed
        misc. bug fixes, rewrite Help.
        5Spice Library selection list: some subckts created with the tool
          were falsely marked with errors. fixed.
5Spice Analysis version 2.10
    Important - a new debugging tool has uncovered several subtle issues that could cause the program to fail intermittently. not heard about these issues from users but fixed them to make the program more stable.
    fix bug in v2.06 where analysis using a plot equation in a graph
        may cause program fault on repeated simulation. bug depends
        on the equation syntax. fault may leave the program unstable.
    Archive Projects and the Project Manager
        fix bug where reloaded archive project would get WinSpice error
          on simulation.
        improve user interface for archiving and de-archiviing projects.
        add confirmations for user actions working with models and
          the Library.
    DC Bias table of values
        fix table showing at wrong tab position when schematic has more
          than one page.
        fix table showing "Warning Node voltages may have changed"
          when analysis includes swept temperature or component value
          and circuit is not modified.
    creating Subckt Schematic
        creating NodeList for simulation
            fix not finding XportLink in NodeList when its name is same as
              a NetLink name.
        add error message about unconnected XportLinks.
        clarify existing error messages.
    configuring a graph at start of simulation
         fix Range check error if TestPoint name plotted in graph starts
           with 3 letters and has more than a single digit at the end.
           examples: TPv17, TPI99
    loading a version 1.xx schematic
        fix: polar capacitor symbol is misaligned
    Project Manager, Spice Models page
         disable model reload, delete and save buttons when function is
           not available.
        main menu TOOLS: add Highlight Net menu item.
  • 5Spice Analysis version 2.06
    • fix memory overwrite error occurring as graph is populated with data.
             overwriite may occasionally cause an error to occur later.
      fix: if user entered extra parentheses in a graph plot equation, the
            equation returned the result calculated for the first data point
            for every data point in the plot.
      update third party Internet library used in 5Spice with weekly
           "Check for Updates".


  • 5Spice Analysis version 2.05
  • fix CTRL+S shortcut bug.
    move menu item to change schematic page size to top of menu.
    made it easier to transfer Upgrade registrations to another
        computer or re-install them. fix bugs for some cases.
    new version WinSpice 5.3.5
      final fixes to capacitor model that uses voltage coefficients.
      fix missing connections (singular matrix) when a subckt called
        an external subckt.
        in 5Spice this only affected the OneShot part.
5Spice Analysis version 2.04
    fix v2.03 bug: no data loads in DC and Distortion analysis graph.
    new version of WinSpice 5.3.4
    accept subcircuits with illegal Greek mu character such as Linear Tech
    fix fatal bug in NonLinear (B) source's MAX and MIN functions when
        used with a node voltage.
    fix multiple bugs when using voltage coefficients with a capacitor value.
5Spice Analysis version 2.03
    fix rare program hang/delay (>10 seconds) in Transient analysis
    connecting a voltage TestPoint to ground could cause wrong data for
          graph plot of another TestPoint.
    detect certain Vishay power MOSFET subcircuits correctly
    minor appearance cleanup of user interface.
5Spice Analysis version 2.02
    power MOSFET subcircuits that use process-based MOS models
        (LEVEL > 6) did not show in model selection lists.
    fix bug translating PSpice PWR function in some cases.
        showed as math fault with Fairchild power MOSFET model.
5Spice Analysis version 2.01
    add Hint to remind user to add model Library to hard drive backup
    User defined Parameters
        added button to add new parameter to list.
        fix bug where parameter that depends on another caused false
           "circular" error.
    FFT analysis
        fix major program hang/delay for many circuits (>10 seconds).
    European users and DC Bias, Sensitivity analysis
        fix bug where numbers are truncated to a single digit.
    magnetic hysteresis for the transformer awaits deriving new
       material parameter values.
        warn user if hysteresis is selected
    ask user about saving the project if Windows is shutting down.
5Spice Analysis version 2.00
    major release.
    both standard and professional features available.
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