Register/Buy the program to permanently license it for commercial usage and to unlock all features (details). Register one copy for each computer you want to license.

5Spice Analysis 2.0
standard features

press for
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5Spice Professional
expanded features

NETWORK LICENSING is available for 5Spice Professional.

upgrade to 5Spice Analysis 2.0 or 5Spice Professional

  • Upgrade from version 1.xx requires licensed 1.xx installed on the computer.
    Enter the Install Code from 5Spice 2.0 in the order form.
  • Upgrade to Professional from 5Spice 2.0 requires licensed 2.0 installed on the computer.

Registering 5Spice includes program updates prior to version 3.0. It also registers WinSpice, 5Spice's simulation engine.

Registration/Buy Steps

  1. If you have not done so, download and install 5Spice 2.0. Try the program. If using an older version of the program, please update to the latest.
  2. Run 5Spice 2.0 on the computer you want to license. Get the program's Install Code. Do this for each computer you want to license.
  3. Click on the order link below and complete the order form. Remember to enter the Install Code in the order form. If registering more than one copy, include the Install Code from each computer.
  4. You will receive a Registration Code for each computer by email. Enter this code into 5Spice 2.0 to enable program features and license the program. A Professional registration code will enable Professional features.

How to find the program's INSTALL CODE
Run the copy of 5Spice 2.0 you want to license. Select Help in the program's main menu. Select REGISTER PROGRAM. The code is at the top of the box that opens.
Please copy and paste the Install Code to the order form to avoid errors. Use right mouse click in the program to get pop-up menu for copying.

use correct INSTALL CODE for an Upgrade
enter the Install Code from 5Spice 2.0 , not 5Spice 1.xx

looks like: 2xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx ,  not 9xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

what to enter in "License to"
When completing the order form, enter the company name in the "License To" field if the company will own the license. Enter your own name if you will own the license.


Sales are currently blocked to users living in EEA countries and Switzerland
We can provide special order links to multi-person companies in the EEA.
Individuals who wish to order an upgrade and are blocked, contact us by email.

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5Spice Analysis







upgrade to 5Spice Analysis 2.0 (from 1.0)*





upgrade to 5Spice Professional (from 1.0)*


upgrade to 5Spice Professional (from 2.0)


After registering and receipt of payment, you will receive your Registration Code (license key) promptly by email.

*enter the Install Code from 5Spice 2.0 in the order form

Pay through Share*it!
with credit card or PayPal. Or check or bank/wire transfer with payment in US dollars, UK pounds, Euros, Japanese Yen and other currencies.

hints for company and government buyers

purchase order / buying on account

obtaining a formal invoice


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