5Spice sales and registration have ended as of November 30, 2018.

The 5Spice business will close at the end of 2018.

This means any new or un-registered users are not able to unlock the advanced program features. Existing registered users cannot upgrade the program.

The limited feature download is still available on the Download page.

We took this action as 5Spice sales have fallen and the costly European GDPR privacy regulations now have taken effect.

Existing paid 5Spice 2.0 customers should install version 2.70 or higher NOW so they can register it on any computer in the future without needing a Transfer code from us. It is a free update.

Support for existing paid users will continue through November 2019. There is no longer support for free users. Free users might consider setting up a forum to self-support themselves.


5Spice Analysis 2.0
standard features

press to see
Go to Feature Comparison

5Spice Professional
expanded features

How to find the program's INSTALL CODE
Run 5Spice. Select Help in the program's main menu. Select REGISTER PROGRAM. The code is at the top of the box that opens.

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