Network License

5Spice Network Licensing

Network licensing is available for the Professional level of the program.

The license and license server software are for a local network of computers. The 5Spice license server runs as a Windows service on one of the local network computers. It issues licenses in response to requests from copies of 5Spice. There is an optional desktop application to monitor the license server operation.

With network licensing, you can optionally use a common Spice model library for all copies of 5Spice.

Local Network License
We use a concurrent network licensing model that limits the maximum number of licensed users running at one time. The limit is equal to the number of concurrent network licenses (seats) purchased. Additional computers can run 5Spice unlicensed with feature restrictions. 5Spice may be installed on as many computers as desired.

Site License
If interested, please inquire if site licensing is available for your situation.


Minimum supported Windows versions
  Win 7,8,10,  Server2003 SP1, Server2008

not tested yet in Server2012
  The license service and monitor program are simple and should run.

Windows emulators are not supported.

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

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