Registration and license
5Spice is copyrighted software. There is a 30 day evaluation period for commercial usage before registration is required. The downloaded program may be used non-commercially without charge.

Registering the program licenses it for commercial use and expands the set of features. You may register the program for the standard or Professional level of features. Payment is required. The download program allows you to explore the expanded features but you will not be able to save files using these features.

The download is approximately 9 Meg and includes the WinSpice simulation engine. Once you have tried the program, check the LINKS page for manufacturers' models to download and add to the program’s model library.

5Spice 2.0 can read the older version 1.xx schematic files. 5Spice 2.0 saves its information in a new file format.

System Requirements
Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista on a Windows compatible computer. Runs in Windows on Apple computers. Not for Windows emulators. 800x600 or higher screen resolution.

Installation Notes
5Spice 2.0 is a separate program from version 1.xx and should be installed in a separate directory. The install program will do this automatically.

You do not need to un-install an older version of 5Spice 2.0 to install the latest version.

using silicon carbide models?
See the SiC page for important instructions.

5Spice Analysis 2.0

self-installing  v2.63  April 11, 2017:

         Click here to download (download file from MediaFire)

            mirror: use if link above fails

what's new 


  • 5Spice version v1.xx users can download v1.67 here.


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