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5Spice depends on feedback from its users for bug detection and product improvement ideas. And to pass the word. Program written by an electrical engineer.

bug / problem reporting

include the 5Spice version number from the program's  "About" box. For bug reports that are design specific, please attach a copy of the project file (*.sch).


Questions that affect many users may get written up as a FAQ on the website. So check the FAQ's. Hints on using 5Spice in a specific application may also be available.

When requesting support, please remember that you are your circuit's designer, not us.

Unregistered (free) users: support is no longer available. users might consider setting up a forum to self-support themselves.

Registered (paid) users: Application support is limited due to the low cost of the program. Due to the business closing, support will end November 30, 2019.

Please use support efficiently by describing the application and situation clearly and in some depth as you would to another designer. Attach the project file. Thanks in advance for your effort in this.

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