5Spice design or application support with Internet payment

This is an experimental offering to provide consulting services in the 4 to 10+ hour range to registered 5Spice users and may be withdrawn at any time. With traditional invoice billing it is not practical to provide such a small amount of consulting time to a new client.

How it works
Consulting time is purchased by the hour and in advance using PayPal. PayPal will send an electronic invoice to you for an agreed upon number of hours. This can be paid through your PayPal account or by credit card at their website.

There is a four hour minimum. Refunds for unused hours beyond the minimum may be obtained on request, however partially used hours are not refundable.

Consulting work can begin after PayPal notifies me of receipt of payment.

If you require use of your company's confidentially agreement, it must be submitted in advance and will require a one hour charge for review. Both parties will sign a short, simple consulting services agreement.

Contact by email for more details.


Most of my three decades of experience has been designing proof of concept and production circuits/systems that measure. These have used various sensors including magnetic, ultrasound and optical. Also A/D & D/A conversion, switch-mode power and strange things like magnetic field transmitters. Also sensor simulators for production calibration of electronics. Spice simulation. Defining software algorithms to work with hardware. Technical programming. Located in Northeastern USA.

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