Buyer Hints

Company and Government Buyers

filling in order fields

"License To"

Enter the company or government agency name that is licensing the software.

If your organization is large or has several locations, please use a form like

    "company name - division name"
    "company name - department name"
    "government agency - location"

The exact form is not critical but should allow you and us to identify which part of  your organization purchased the license.

If your  company is small, use "company name" or "company name - individual user name" or "company name - license 1".

"Name" and "email"

This person receives the order confirmation email and future notifications about  product upgrades. The long term business contact - you, the program's user, the head of their department, etc.

Note: if you  enter someone else's name in the Name field, you can download the  formal invoice (for credit card payment) or formal order confirmation (for check and bank/wire transfer payment) from the order confirmation page.


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